All About Italian Greyhounds

With a weight between the range of 7 to 14 pounds, the Italian Greyhound is an amazing breed of dogs. Unlike the original greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds have an ancient heritage and have shrunk in size over the years. The typical Italian greyhound will often measure only 13-15 inches in height. But for some strange reason, their small stature is often commented as one of their most adored features.

Another reason for the popularity of this breed is its beautiful warm personality. It is more suitable as a companion instead of an outdoor dog for hunting or surveillance.

Italian greyhounds have an unusually short jacket (or coat). However, this can also be a disadvantage because it is subject to damage because it has a thin skin. That is the reason why one should be careful with physical exercise and not let an Italian greyhound enter shrubs or bushes that might have thorns protruding from them.

The coat contains fine, short hair that looks extremely beautiful. It has the same brightness that you would merely discover in the regular greyhound. The requirements of the Italian greyhound coats must be maintained so that it retains its shiny appearance.

Due to their shy personality, Italian Greyhounds are not quite large guard dogs. They are more suitable as family pets and can be stored in smaller houses, such as apartments.

Despite his meek personality, the Italian greyhound could be pretty bad. Like most other dog breeds, this requires patience, as it can break the elements of the home when in a mischievous mood.

The character of the Italian greyhound is such that he will not have the ability to survive like a dog in a pet hotel. Instead, it will depend on your teacher for friendship and companionship. The Italian greyhound is more likely to be sad or sad if it is mistreated or treated much less favorably. Remember that this dog is as sensitive as it is in its physical form. This dog is indeed not appropriate for an individual who has a hectic lifestyle.

The Italian Greyhound has swift reflexes and can move genuinely fast. That is why we see many people who use them for skill tests and careers. The Italian Greyhound is used for two essential purposes around the world.

Over time, the Italian greyhound has become a very preferred breed of dogs and never again identifies in the Italian royal houses. It is a pure race to train and discipline due to its gentle and social personality. However, it is also an extremely energetic dog and requires standard physical exercise and a healthy eating routine.

There is a difference of opinion as to whether the Italian greyhounds were bred for the first time to hunt small entertainments or if they were meant to be pets and companions. They have fulfilled both roles, which makes them easily adaptable to life in the city or the countryside. On his side that appreciates the city, the Italian greyhound is happy resting in the house or curled up on a deck or in the lap of its owner. However, its worshiper side of the country enjoys exercise and outdoor activities when it is not too hot or too cold.