My New Puppy

Here I wanted to post about my new Italian greyhound puppy! Isn’t he cute? I’ll be talking more about my life and the thins going on in it here on my blog. My first love, though, is Italian greyhounds… hence the name of the blog 🙂 Here’s a cute video of us:

Italian greyhounds make great pets, but enough about my enough puppy. I have another things I’m trying out this week. I’m also testing out some garcinia cambogia, to see how well it works. When I told some friends, they were really curious to see how effective it is so I think I’ll talk about it on here next week once I see how I do with it. I’m no going to change anything else about my diet or exercise with my dog except the garcinia cambogia so that I can have as accurate a test as possible.

If I do a lot of other stuff too, it will be hard to differentiate what actually did what.