What To Feed An Italian Greyhound

When you check out the food section at your supermarket or pet store, you will probably be overwhelmed. There are so many different brands, formulas, flavors, and types of food that it’s hard to know where to begin. In this article am going to take through the type of health food you should feed your Italian Greyhound.1.


Nutritionally complete dry food should be the staple of your Italian Greyhound’s diet. Chose a high quality brand, and select the formula that is appropriate for your dog’s age and activity level. Less expensive brands sometimes substitute with substandard ingredients that are not useful for your Italian Greyhound . Crunching on dry food will also help keep your dog’s teeth clean; as he chomps, the rough edges will scrape along his teeth helping to keep them free of tartar.


Canned food is much more expensive than dry food, and many kinds contain up to 70 percent of water. Many kinds of canned food are not nutritionally complete and are meant to be served with dry food, so again, i suggest you make sure you read the label. If it does not say “complete” or “nutritionally complete” it is meant to complement dry food. Because canned food is soft and moist, it does not help keep your Italian Greyhound’s teeth and gums in good condition. A popular way to get the benefits of kibble and the added palatability of canned food is to serve one third canned food with two thirds dry food. Remember to refrigerate canned foods once it has been opened.


Semi moist food is often colored and packaged to look like hamburgers. This means nothing to the Italian Greyhound, and is designed to attract the owner (who is doing the purchasing). Semi moist foods end to have large amounts of sugar, salt, artificial colorings and preservatives. If your choose to feed this kind of food to your Italian Greyhound, consider offering small bits as a treat rather feeding large quantities as a meal. Another ploy designed to attract you is that semi moist food often comes packaged in individual servings. While this can be very useful (while traveling, for example) try packaging single portions of your Italian Greyhound’s usual kibble in sealing sandwich bags instead.


Always, always have fresh water available for your Italian Greyhound . Check the water bowl at least twice a day to make sure he has a good supply. Change the water and thoroughly rinse the bowl daily. If your dog will be outside for any extended period, make sure he also has access to clean water there.


Dry dog biscuits are useful as treats between meals or during training sessions. Like kibble, hard biscuits are good for your Italian Greyhound’s teeth and will help control tartar.

Other healthy treats you can feed your Italian Greyhound include bits of fruit or steamed vegetables, like grapes, apples, carrots and broccoli. Italian Greyhound can be prone to obesity, so I suggest you keep treats to minimum. When you are reckoning your Italian Greyhound’s daily caloric intake, don’t forget to include treats as well. Offer little tidbits – a small piece of biscuit instead of the whole thing.

Something you may notice as your Greyhound ages, is that they can some times develop arthritis. You can often combat this issue through a healthy diet, however sometimes you need to provide some kind of supplements. Dog Glucosamine is a great option and often contains MSM or Chondroitin as well.

The most important thing to your Italian Greyhound is that you are praising him and offering a reward.